Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space


Yahoo! Japan has confirmed that it is entering the crypto space by acquiring a stake in a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that is already licensed by the country’s financial regulator. The company plans to launch a crypto exchange in the fall of this year.


Well, Japan has always been one step ahead of every one when it comes to technology. No surprise, it is taking some good steps here too.


a good step, and the time is, after acquiring shares, the company will launch it in the summer, because in the summer many people are taking vacations or relaxing, so that people can follow and find out about the company.


Such countries as Japan, Taiwan, etc. have the best technological development because they introduce all new technologies quickly. Everyone needs to take an example from them.


They do everything with planning and this is another example of the same.


They are willing to take risks, not for the money or fame, but because they really want to improve lives of their people. They know the benefits outweigh any anticipated risks and cost, so they went ahead with it while there are countries which are too worried that crypto will disturb their economy.


It is here that the risk is justified, because new technologies very quickly develop the economy and improve people’s lives.


Third world countries are still afraid. I guess we can’t have it all our way.