Will the forecast come true? The analyst predicted the Ethereum for $ 2,000 by the end of the year


At the beginning of the year, the founder of ConsenSys Capital Andrew Kiz published in his blog article predicting the prices of major coins and market capitalization in general. The analyst fell into the trap of HYIP - something that often happens to people who try to anticipate events in the crypto industry. However, some of his forecasts still came true, writes CCN.

The main prediction of Keyes concerned the capitalization of the crypto-currency market. According to him, this figure as of January 1, 2019 will be $ 2 trillion. This means that the analyst expected continuation of the rally that began in November 2017. He also stated that the rate of the Ethereum in 2018 will grow to 2 thousand dollars, and the capitalization of the coin will be higher than that of Bitcoin.

However, this has not happened yet - today the Ethereum is trading at the level of 210. The coin's capitalization is about 21 billion, while Bitcoin has about $ 112 billion.

But one of the predictions of Kiza nevertheless came true - the analyst predicted that in 2018 several stibblocins or dollar-provided crypto-currencies will appear on the market. In addition to Tether, Gemini dollar (GUSD) own token issued the exchange of the Winklewos brothers and the blocking stratap Paxos. The last two tokens operate on the basis of the ERC-20 standard and are approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

In July, scientists from the University of Texas said that the dollar-backed Tether was used to manipulate the Bitcoin course at the end of 2017. Researchers argued that the token affects not only the first crypto currency, but also the entire market.

Can the Ethereum grow abruptly? What is your opinion on this?


It seems unlikely to happen in 2018 given the history of last 8 months, but its crypto, anything is possible here. Only disadvantage ethereum has that max supply cap is not there but there has been some scaling mistakes due to which network gets clogged and coins have started migrating to other blockchains. So these factors might nor work in the favour of Eth, so again I say that 2000 by the end of year seems unlikely.