Will the cost of Bitcoin reach $ 250,000 by 2022?


One of the founders of venture capital investment in the US - Tim Draper said that the popularity and use of crypto currency will only increase over the next 15 years. Before moving on to his new projections, note that in 2014, Tim successfully predicted the value of digital gold in 2017 - $ 10,000.

In one of his recent interviews, Tim Draper compared the current situation around the sphere of digital currencies with the times of the Internet’s formation in the early 2000s. To his interlocutor, he explained that it took several decades to introduce the Internet into each family. With the crypto-currencies the situation is similar.

In his opinion, the introduction of crypto-currencies and digital technologies will be able to “pump” the economy even more:

"I think that the introduction of crypto currency will have a transformative effect for a variety of industries, even those that we could not even think of. Internet penetrated into the industry, which was estimated at 10-100 billion dollars. Crypto-currencies will also be integrated into trillions of dollars, as they can be used in finance, insurance, banking and investment banking. "

Forecast from an experienced investor

According to the investor, the introduction of crypto currency into the economy will be able to increase their capitalization to 100 trillion dollars, thereby reducing the capitalization of the financial currencies from 80 trillions to 30 trillion. All this will happen due to the fact that over time the population will need a flexible, decentralized, safe and the main world currency.

As for Bitcoin, according to Draper, its value will reach 250,000 by the end of 2022. Given the maximum number of coins of "digital gold", its total capitalization will exceed 50 trillion.

The market of crypto currency has significantly expanded

Starting from January 2018, the crypto-currency market received significant information support from various financial institutions and governments. Recently, the information field is filled with headlines that such investment banks as Morgan Stanley, CitiGroup, GoldmanSachs, as well as such representatives of Wall Street as Nasdaq are already preparing their projects on the use of crypto currency.

All these factors indicate that at the moment the value of crypto currency is specially understated by large players in order to acquire large volumes of crypto currency at the lowest possible prices.

In my opinion this is a very bold statement. And what do you think about this?


Bitcoin is supposed to be at 50,000-1,00,000 price range at the end of 2018 as per the numerous predictions made in 2017 but I don’t see it happening. Bitcoin may or may not reach 250k in 2022 but no one knows it. NO ONE.


Yes, I believe it. because bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the next major technological shift in technology and will have potential economic power for the future. although currently, the bitcoin value is falling, I’m sure there will be an increase in bitcoin and crypto prices.


Are you mad . It is possible ? Bitcoin is online money and you also know that the world is becoming more digital so that would be perfect for the currency if it will be more used later.I know that most people will not spend because the bitcoin can be worth allot of money but it does not hurt to spend a bit.