Will Crypto End in the Future?


Every year crypto prices increase. But along with the increase in crypto prices there are individuals who use moments like this to commit fraud. I take the example of the ico project scam and price manipulation on the exchanger. What do you think, bro, if this continues to occur in the crypto world? I would think of stopping crypto business.


Oh yes, cryptocurrency will die in future, but it will be changed to another future currency, i believe currency in the future will still be decentralized, about the form of the currency, i still cant imagine it, maybe currency like on ‘Time’ movie if you ever saw it


yes. I agree with you. every year there are technological changes and of course in the future everything will change. Crypto currencies may not exist, or changes in name and technology will change.


I think the crypto currency will exist for a long time. Yes, there are undoubtedly scam projects, but there are also many wonderful projects. Every day the blockchain technology is improving. This new technology will change many things in the world.


agree with you, crypto just in an infant phase, many amazing things will come into crypto in the near future, i believe it


I don’t think so that crypto will end in future at all because it is the future. People are investing their faith in cryptos and right now we need to give some time to cryptos.


I think, for the future the name will change according to technological developments. You are right, that period is the beginning of the future.


Naaah. I dont think cryptocurrency will ever end as it is going to be the new technology in the future. Everything will be applied to it and all thanks to the blockchains. Companies can also create new coins/tokens.


Every technologies will die and new technology will come, cryptocurrency surely will die, but i believe it will changed by better technology


Yes I believe so too. And I know it would move to another grade with better technology


if that happens, I will smile. surely work is getting more and more for Bounty hunters.


yes. maybe the name just isn’t there. I think the technology will experience development.


I think technology does not die, but it keeps on evolving or improving. As inventors and science people studies these technologies, they will slowly find parts which can still be improve and user-friendly. Relating to cryptocurrency, it will not die but there will be far better digital coins/tokens to be introduce to the world. Just like ethereum tokens, it started with erc20, but now there are more classes of erc tokens.


ight, whenever technology doesn’t die. improvements and development always occur. erc or eos networks as a basis for creating more useful coins.


I think crypto market never exit but now all market is not good but I am sure very soon crypto market recovery


Whenever something new comes in the world, there will always be people who will try to exploit the system for their own benefit. Its in their nature. Until there is some kind of regulation, I’m afraid these kind of scams will keep on happening. We can only be a little vigilant and cautious to avoid them but can’t eliminate them completely.


From barter system to Coins to currency notes to card money and then internet/mobile banking, we have come a long way. It doesn’t stop there, now we have cryptocurrencies and I’m sure that the line won’t end there. Few decades from now on, there will be something better than the crypto currencies too. There will always be some improvements in the technology.


market conditions are very concerned, but for those who have good capital to buy coins.
I think like, the estimated crypto coins will be good in October.


The market of crypto currency will necessarily recover and will please us all with very good growth.


I feel, stopping the crypto business because many scam projects are not wise, because after a while when bitcoin emerged, scam projects did not yet exist, only now there were many such incidents.
to complete a project that is scam requires a group or community that houses the bounty hunter, so that the project that will be selected by the bounty hunter can be legit 100%, because the project must reach the requirements so that it can be followed by bounty hunters.