Will altcoin die


Will altcoin die
all are thinking that altcoin will die but this is not truth
truth is this that if project behind the coin is solid business that grow and grab market with real business that coin and token will never die
i think so what do you think


Most alts will die in which there is no ongoing development.

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I don’t think so, because the altcoin is also supported by blockchain projects, and now blockchain technology is increasingly used in human work, in all aspects of life, more and more institutions, companies are beginning to apply this Technology, so the altcoin will not die, but those worthless altcoin will be eliminated.


not in near future a lot of lovers in the world


No , why altcoin die ? Even more of altcoin have a great future everyone see. Cryoto market is recovering now . So be patience, and trading more and more.


In general, in coming few years, many of the altcoins will die, not all. If there would be no development, no useful purpose or product in the market, no one would be willing to buy those coins.


We’ll see. Many coins which were active in 2017 has died already.

Useful altcoins will take the great market share while ths shit coins will be left behind and die slowly. Market is recovering but it doesn’t mean all shitcoins will recover too.


if ethereum I am sure not, but if the altcoin is still new, then they might die, but it all depends on the team behind it, because without that team the coins in circulation will not develop.


coins that have an independent network will definitely survive. they will innovate better to improve their network, this makes life alive.


Ethereum is not going anywhere but market is full of shitcoins. You can check that most of them aren’t even trading at the moment, some are already dead and most of them will be in future.


Only ‘if they innovate’ and that depends on developers. If devs will abandon the project then what would happen? Those will be the projects which are going to die. Rest will survive.


I think they will because of the quantity and quality deteriorated now a days.


What? They’ll(Devs) innovate their projects? Well, they should!


as the initial step of the project is like that, the team must develop the project for the trust of the community and investors. a strong team determines the success of the project.


It’s high time and they should innovate.


Neither Altcoin or bitcoin will not die let try and avoid this shit post from crypto haters, because when you run and dump your coin in the name of death post about bitcoin and Altcoin does some people will till be the one to buy and keep so let try and avoid dumping.


Bitcoin, Ethereum and many altcoins will live for a long time and happily. Only coins that do not have development in the future will fall down to the bottom and die.


Presently I have eyes on at least 2 of such projects in which devs are really working hard and they are not after the money only. They airdropped their coijs months ago and since then they are working on completing their platfrom instead of getting their coin listed on exchange. That is what I call creating trust.

I agree and some are really doing an exceptional job.


If you’re talking about the specific coin named Altcoin then I don’t know about it but in general hundreds of altcoins will die and if countries started regulating crypto and punishing scammers just like US is doing, then you’ll see this result in less than a year.

It all comes down to development at the end and that is what is needed for any project to survive and thrive.


No no altcoins and bitcoins two both very important in cryptocurrency world. Day by day people involving themselves in online virtual currencies so I think bitcoin and altcoins will be more stable than before. So not to be worried about that altcoins will die.