Why spend time in bitcoins


We all experience being financially challenged and we cannot deny that money makes us revolve around it. When we find ways to alleviate our financial suffering, we stand our ground and spend so much effort just to see the result and of course, benefit from it. Do you think that spending time and effort to gain bitcoins is a rational idea? Do you think that you could’ve been wasting your time? Let me know about your thoughts.


I am sure that the time spent on bitcoins and other crypto-currencies will bring us tremendous results in the future. And the sooner we start, the better results we’ll get.


my opinion, it depends on each person. if a trader does not matter every day hold the coin. His prediction the following year became a treasure.


I think they are the future and one should spend some quality time for sure.


Of course. This is one of the useful thing we can do with our time, at least for me it is.

Sooner is always better.


If you’re a trader, you can lose or earn big in a single day but for me, its really worth it.

They are the future without any doubt.


very nicely answered