Why do we need to regulate digital currency?


Digital currency is to change the world, many of which were positive, to a certain extent, they pose a containment of the government, gave the people an alternative, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be regulated.

One of the core reason is: anonymous, do not track, not regulated digital currency will make form a closed loop technology crime, money laundering and terrorist, and disappear from unsolved bits, bytes, while the impact damage with each person in this world.

Please share your opinions.


There are always positives and negatives of every improvement in the technology. All we have to ensure that positives should be greater than negatives and we are good to use that. We can’t eliminate every bad thing from the world, they are part of the world and always remain like it and closed loop technology crime is one of them.


good and bad things are seen by everyone, because everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs, cryptocurrency is there to give everyone the opportunity, and depending on the person doing it for good or for crime? because cryptocurrency is a real good thing, only people who wear it are abusing,


Fiat money is being used all over the world for terrorist fundings, black money movement and all other crimes which are now made being associated with crypto. But we still use fiat, everywhere. If we can adjust with the evil uses of fiat then surely we can do the same with crypto.


Initially, all the objects and technologies that a person creates are neutral. And only the person can use them for good or bad purposes. The same happens with digital currencies. It is necessary to create conditions that will complicate the use of technology for bad purposes.


Exactly. There are kinds of people, some want betterment of the world, while some wants their personal gains. For example, Guns and bombs were created to avoid wars and violence but they are now the biggest contributor to the violence all over the world. It all depends on how are we going to use the new invention.


Completely agree with you.