Why cryptocurrency prices in the entire market all fall down?


The entire cryptocurrency market falls in few days and then rises again. But when this situation happened, have you ever thought what the result of the whole prices was? Why do all cryptocurrency up and down in the same time? Are those currencies all connect to the market trend? Any cryptocurrency can resist the market power? Most cryptocurency are falling due to bbc stock prices?


I think if cryptocurrency is falling today then it means there’s a crisis that happen in the market because of the sudden changes of the investors ands the company of this business experience.


the crisis occurs because of negative sentiment on the market, theft of crypto coins, government rules and others. As a result of these sentiments, many investors have withdrawn their investment and are still hesitant to reinvest.


people are not buying now they all they are feeling fear by hearing negative and bad news about crypto
but good news are also coming to remove their fear