Why are you joining bounty campaigns?


Currently, bounty campaigns are everywhere. Any startup will heavily rely on bounty hunters. However, as bounty hunters, we should establish various criteria on joining such campaigns. We do not participate for the sake of participating. As a hunter, what makes you consider to join a bounty program?


First thing first is the idea of the project, if i think the idea is new and fresh i will participate, second thing is the team behind that project, after that is the cap target, and the last thing is rating


Yes, of course, today there are a lot of projects , but to get excellent results, you need to choose the best projects. I choose the project by the basic rules: an excellent idea, a wonderful product and a creative team.


I joined this bounty project because I saw the roadmap and team management. I hope leaxcoin bounty project will successfully complete and it brings me rich man of course.


I join the bounty campaign because i can get token and sell them in reputation exchanges so that i can support me and my family.


The main objectives of joining bounty campaign is getting something… Specially getting benefits. All bounty participates want payments doing there better performance. I am the same…


The main purpose of joining bounty campaign is getting token and payment issue to selling token or coins in market so that we may get profits. Another purpose that we may know the project goals and destinations.


because I want to be active in the world of the bounty and signature campaign, if the campaign does not exist, we can be sure that the coin will not be distributed to the community as a whole.


Yeah. Hopefully, most of the bounty hunters will be like you. If we will set our criteria, then a project with substantial potential will have the most participants and scam projects will not be advertised. We should do our due diligence too especially when we treat our bounty shares as INVESTMENT.


to me i think we all work to earn money, that is why it do get me frustrated when any bounty or ico turn up to be scam because all my effect for that campaign is wasted so making money is the may reason we do work.


Many bounty Campaign don’t issue me any payment with their scamming ico project, then I feel saddness and realise all bounty campaign is scams and they would not pay payment…


do deep research before decide to participating, many indicator that you can use to determine an ico is a legit or scam