Why are you here?


Initially people who bought bitcoins were interested in the tech behind it i.e. Blockchain Technology, they never would have thought that The new coin which no one has heard of which they bought in less than 3 cents will become so valuable in the future and will drive the whole market up and down. After the 2017 hike, most people got in to make the quick buck but most were disappointed when the market dipped and never rose to the same level again.

So, why are you here? Just to make quick money or to be a part of something big? Do share your thoughts and your reasons.

PS: Not talking about bounty. I am asking about you being in crypto in general.


those who enter the world of cryptocurrency and want to make money quickly so I am sure not long after that he will come out of the world of cryptocurrency, because in cryptocurrency you will find a very striking difference between trading in real money with digital money.
I will not explain what the difference is because it will be very long.
so if you want to survive, then straighten the intention.


Majority of people are here to make money undoubtedly but they should pay attention to the tech too. If they don’t know about any project’s work then how can they estimate whether the project will do well in future or not. They can simply lose money by investing blindly.