Who is forum bounty manager


i would like to know who is leaxcoin forum bounty manager and when leaxcoin in exchanges
has own blockchain of leaxcoin


Bounty manager is same for all campaign. you can contact them on telegram group. they are very active.

Exchanges will come after distribution which will happen after the end of bounty. So at least 5 weeks to go before we see leax on exchanges.


telegram is best to contact


You can find out BM Leaxcoin via the telegram channel. to exchange the Leax coin is not yet specified, there is usually exchange information after the ICO period ends.


no i not found bm leaxcoin via telegram channel
exchanges information will be specified when ico period ends
but what is end date


Telegram Link: t.me/Leaxcoin_bounty

There you will find admins of azb team whoa re managing the bounty. ICO has sold out already, only bounty is running.


i saw telegram there are many questions and answers one can find his questions answer there easily