Who has Bitcoin control? On several addresses are 55% of all coins


Approximately 100 billion in bitcoins are held on less than 1% of crypto-currency wallets, according to a new study by Diar 87% of all bitcoins are located at addresses with a balance above 10 BTC ( 63,760 at the rate on September 18), such wallets - 0,7% of the total, according to Diar research. Specialists have found out that most of the bitcoins belong to “whales”, on whose accounts there is a crypto currency of millions of dollars.

The order of 100 billion in bitcoins belongs to less than 1% of all existing addresses. At the same time, the total capitalization of the coin at the moment is 110 billion, and some of the digital money is lost forever. 55% of BTC are at user addresses with a balance of over 200 coins - about $ 1.26 million.

About a third of the crypto currency is in purses from which no outgoing transactions were made. This means that the owners did not transfer coins after purchase or receipt. Analysts stressed that some of them can be on the storage platforms for digital money trading. It is precisely known that the exchanges own bitcoins worth $ 4.2 billion.

Previously the bankrupt exchange Mt. Gox received approval for civil rehabilitation. In early 2019, it is due to pay creditors about 160,000 bitcoins worth about $ 1 billion, investor Kim Nelson believes that this could cause a drop in the value of digital assets.


Technically it’s controlled by the community. What is the community?

Consists of developers / miners / traders / those who hold currency

So what influences bitcoin direction / updates then? (part of this Vladislav mentioned)

  1. Developers: You can find the Bitcoin source code here - bitcoin/bitcoin - it says there are 376 contributors, which you can see here - contributors - and you can make your own contributions / adjustments (they may or may not get approved)
  2. Bitcoin miners: These people have bought the hardware / pay for the electricity to make the transactions and the network “function”.
  3. Bitcoin traders: Large stake holders who move the markets in certain ways by altering liquidity.
  4. Bitcoin holders: Those who are not necessarily in the “trading” realm, but have been buying and holding the currency (thus removing tokens from circulation / the ecosystem)

I would add to this that you will see other factors influencing the direction of bitcoin in the near / far future.

  • Possibly governments (positive or negative regulation will have an effect),
  • Technology (advent of AI, better tech advancements),
  • Mass adoption / main stream adoption (ie. more companies start using it)


interesting information. there are still many that I don’t understand about crypto coins. your information is very good. thanks. :+1::+1::+1:


So 50% of total market cap of crypto is stored in 1% of bitcoin wallets and then we think whether whales are real. They sure can manipulate the market easily.


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Knowledge is vast and not everyone can learn everything but we try our best. Keep on learning.