Which cryptocurrency is best to buy today


Which cryptocurrency is best to buy today and why
a complete detailed answer post here
if you can’t
please don’t post your useless answer to bore me


It depends on the results of your research, many coins with the best ranking in the CMC. You can learn it, ask and follow the telegram channel. BTC is still the best.


Looks like someone is grumpy and serious :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re asking for one coin then I’ll suggest Te-Food (TFD). A great coin with great features and this coin has been accpeted by united nations to be used in future events. Google for more details.


i don’t want any suggestions for coins and tokens selection
i only apply my own research method to go for a new one to
include in my portfolio leaxcoin can enter into my portfolio for
very long time not like you and others


Miss, please read your question. You are the ones who asked for a crypto currency and that is the thing I gave you. You are no one to judge me, so keep your opinions about me to yourself. If you were so rich, then you wouldn’t be spending your time here on collecting bounty.


But i don’t want any answer from you stop answering my questions many good members in leax forum to answer my questions and i value their answers and them too


I’m free to write anything anywhere on this forum as long as I follow the rules. If you don’t want me to answer your questions, then stop asking them.


explain this elliptic curve digital signature algorithm


This advise of mine is not 100% but I guess if I have a lot of money, I would invest with Docademic(MTC). MTC’s highest was around $0.49 and it started on $0.01. And now it went down again and I believe it will rise again sometime. So now is the best time to buy them out.



Then there is all famous WAN. Its currently trading at 1$ and its predictions are going out of the sky.