When will the dumping end


I thought it was a good deal to buy Cardano at $0.098 price, turns out I’m in a 25% loss right now. At some point the shorters should stop shorting and the weak hands should be gone right? It looks like the massive sell offs will continue for a while.


now is not the right time to sell, why do you do it? little value into whale food. You have to be patient for a while.


They’ll keep dumping until whales are making profits. While cardano has good tech, it has 45 billion max supply. I wouldn’t buy any coin which has this big supply at 9 cents.


She hasn’t sold it yet, she is just calculating the loss if she sells it now. She shouldn’t. Market would recover sooner or later.


Thank you
i much agree with you and i follow your suggestion i hold all coin for long to book profit


Cardano has good tech, no doubt there. Just wait for btc to go up at least 8000+. Then you will definitely be in profit.


When they have nothing left to sell, the dumping will end. The market is making people panic and failing to keep their minds. The market is down because there are too many panic, and when the market goes up it will be strong like the way it has gone down.


market has gone a lot of down side so it may not go much down from this level but if happen so this will provide golden chance to buy


In my opinion the worst has passed. We are going up now. Enjoy the green and don’t forget to book profits.


i will wait long for batter profit i know market good time surely will come and i’ll be in profit
thanks to crypto that given me chance to be big


Well, market is totally green, at least for now. Good Luck to you, I’m going to book some profits now. Who knows. when it’ll fall again.