When to sell or hold?


We all have our methodology of when to buy or sell, but only thing is common that we are all here to make money. For that analyze the market in your style, chose the right time to buy low and sell high and book profits.


better if you want invest buy some coin you must buy at pre-sale or pre ico, with most bonus price, or if that coins at exchange market better to buy a near pre ico price or under that
for the first you must look to at their social media updates and project updates, if they active and show progress better you buy some
profit is uncertain but you must try to become a smart investor
and the conclusion, buy when its cheap and then sell if you got profit enough
not all coins can go up fantastic you must be smart investor or trader


Always try to buy coins when market is down and hold them for long term to get more benefits. Try to sell them when market is on hike.


you are right
who want profit from crypto this is good for them to buy lower and sell higher


If you see the history of icos and pre-icos in last four months, you’ll find almost 90% coins are way down even from their pre-ico price. So I’ll say just wait for them to get listed on any exchange, bounty hunters and airdrop receivers will dump their coins and you can then get them at 10%-20% of ico price.


Never make investments or buy cryptocurrencies in a rush ever. Before purchasing any cryptocurrency you are supposed to do R&D about it. Otherwise you can lose your money in vain.


And the Same steps are required to sell the cryptocurrencies so that you can get more benefits from your investments. So never ever make investments in hurry.


who say to invest hurry without a strong research
do complete research for project and if you found best in all sides then only invest
otherwise if you go without this
make loss


Yes, you invest without researching, that will directly lead you to have loss.


Selling and holding completely depends on my personal needs… Necessity knows no laws. But generally when market down then should hodl and pumping market should sell.


Hey dude, if you really want to earn leaxcoin then make your post at least of 90 characters otherwise you will not get any coin for the too short comments.


Everyone sticks to their strategy when investing in crypto currencies, but before that we must necessarily learn the maximum possible information in order to have the desired results.


Ah okay. My bad. Don’t want to break any rules here. Thanks for correcting me, I’ll make sure all my comments are over 90 characters. Btw I’m a female :wink:


Its the exact time to buy bitcoins and hold it as Bitcoin prices are expected to rise high and now we can also see bitcoin price is steadily rising.


True, haste and emotion can lead us on the wrong path, which will bring us losses and disappointments.


It all depend on the project and the individual but to me I guest a project like leaxcoin need to be hold for long till the real estate pick up.