When to sell or hold?


Crypto market is fairly new and there are certain risks associated with the investment. So, risk management and risk mitigation is very important in order to minimize losses especially in times like these when market isn’t doing very good. What are your strategies to minimize losses? What do you check before buying or selling any coin in either bull or bear market? Do share.


Many in the trading of crypto-currencies are guided mainly by emotions, not by reason and market data, and as a result they lose profit or lose more than they could.
If you have a lot of good deals, do not sell your coins simply in pursuit of instant profit. You must sell under the right circumstances, which are determined by various factors - from your goals to news, which can affect the value of the coin. Stick to the facts, and everything will be fine.


Sometimes not selling leads to losses too. holding is not always preferred specially in times when you can’t predict the market. But of course, if the project is good then these small short time fluctuations don’t matter in long term.


It is almost impossible to identify the proper times to buy and sell in the moment, so it is often better to gradually invest over time, and expect to hold to your investments for a while, riding the upps and downs towards long term growth.


And this is natural, if you want to succeed and make a profit, you need to learn to ignore emotions and focus on numbers. Do not let yourself be scared.


Yes, of course, now there are very few strong projects and we should get the maximum possible income.


New Crypto member first check market ,when price gone up then you sell your coin ,and when prince gone down you can buy coin and get huge profit . If you buy Bitcoin, then you will definitely make some profits in the future.


Very nicely said. No one can predict the exact bottom or high point of price at any point of time. So uts better to average down while buying and shoukd take a portion or profits at times when price is climbing.


The moment you started trading based on your emotions, there are high chances that you’ll end up in losses.

Strong projects like Wan, ICX, NEO or EOS are the ones which one can hold for long term without any doubt. In long term, there are almost no chances that these projects will end up in loss.


for now I will only store tokens that I have … and will not sell until the market starts to stabilize again…


Again, I would say nobody knows when market will stabilize. When bct went to 7200+, everybody predicted that altseason is back but we went down the very next day. So don’t just wait for the full bull market, if market goes a little green, start taking portions of profits, don’t sell ALL in one go. And if market goes down again, you can buy back the same tokens in more quantity with the same money, without investing anything out of your pocket again.


for current conditions, only coins with the best names like BTC, ETH, EOS, Rippe and others are eligible for investment, all with the best rankings in the CMC. why am I talking like that, because many investors still believe in the coins. For new project coins, I hope you don’t get involved in ico, first look at the development of the project.
All investment decisions are within each


Selling and holding of bitcoin or any cryptocurrency depend on the individual because it a decentralized platform you know when to sell or hold no body can made that decision for you.


Take the top coins at a low price and sell at a higher one. While you have not sold it is impossible to talk about losses and incomes. No one can force you to sell lower than you bought, except your emotions. Learn to control them and you will succeed.


Holding is only for the people who are dedicated to the coins that they have. There are coins that are good for trading and you can eventually buy it back when you have made profit with it. And for those coins like bitcoin where you will feel that way, don’t sell. Make sure that whenever you decide to sell it, there’s no turning back. It’s either you will buy it back at lower price or you have to move forward


Emotions take over hard when we go in loss and we need to learn to control them before we start investing. A plan should be pre-made as what to do in what situation.

Buy low, sell high and wait for the dip and repeat. There will always a dip whenever there’ll be a spike in price.


In my opinion bitcoin grows - we keept, bitcoin falls - we sell altcoins. Bitcoin less than 10k I will not sell.


Selling or holding completely depends on coinmarketcap price, if coins price high then should well to sell coins and holding coins at the price dumping case when price will be high, then should sell for more profits.


every bodies thought are different for when to sell or hold
if possible you can follow high experienced traders or investors
because they have much knowledge
and they know market move


I hold my all altcoins and ethereum when it shows its red signals in coin markets. Just opposite action take when price is pumping and make me More profits.