When to sell a cryptocurrency


When to sell a cryptocurrency and why i want complete and detailed answer from you
if you can answer please post


If you are a fast runner and want to arrive quickly, every day the exchange receives crypto sales. If the turtle is very slow to finish, but success, maybe the turtle will eat delicious fruit next year.


what is going to happening next year that bring delicious fruit for turtle
i asked in my question that answers with details
without detail explain i can not understand what will happen crypto friendly thing that really bring big delicious fruit
please explain with details if any shuch thing is to happen for next year


If I have bought something just for the quick gain and if I’m not a patient person, then I’ll buy at low and start selling as soon as I get 20% gain. I’ll sell some at 20%, some at 30% and rest at above price than 30% gain.

If I’m here for long term than I’ll be holding a coin without selling it for months. I’ll monitor the market and sell my coins if some bad news is coming or I think that market has hit a resistance and a retrace is in order.

Hope you got it.