When to add leax coinmarketcap and delta.app?


When to add leax coinmarketcap?


We will soon be adding Leaxcoin on Coinmarketcap. And once we do, we will be having an announcement for it. Stay tuned!

Thank you for the support!


What about adding on Coinmarketcap or process is suspended?


We are going to add leaxcoin at coinmarketcap soon. So better watch out for it! :slight_smile:


Hello, any news about Leaxcoin, new listing? And how is going adding on Coinmarketcap? Thank you.


Hi, all of our updates and news is on our medium channel. You can check it out, by going thru here: https://medium.com/@LeaxFoundation

As for listing it on coinmarketcap, I have shared the process of doing it to the team and they are the one’s doing it so that leaxcoin can be listed.