Whats your biggest mistake up to now


My biggest mistake way not holding bitcoin when it was cheap.
I used to trade bitcoin when it was below 250$ a piece.
When I look at my old wallet, the smallest of transaction used to be of .1 Bitcoin.
I traded it, gambled, cashed out and took a break from it.
Biggest mistake of my life.


Are you sure its your own or you just copy pasted it from somewhere else because you just mentioned that you are doing airdrops for only last 8 months.


Btw my biggest mistake was to enter the market when market was at peak in dec and I bought the coins at their all time high. I didn’t do any research and just jumped in with a big amount and lost most of it.


i knew about bitcoin since 2011 but i was not intrested then
i tried it mid 13 in suggestion of my friend
and left again
and i am active from 2017 to today
i have participated a lot number of airdrops but some was real as polymath,docademicand more
but only for bounty hussy



So how much have you made from airdrops and bounties only. there were good airdrops in 2017 through which people made several thousands without any trading, just from airdrops.


airdrop is not good i have left this to participate


So you didn’t make thousands of dollars from airdrops in 2017. That’s sad. No problem, you can make those from leax.


i hope so and also believe in the leax


I see the end of the ico Leaxcoin period in November 2018, hopefully it brings miracles to normal market conditions. Hopefully this is true, I’m sure the value of the coin will experience a rise again later this year.


no doubt leaxcoin will do very well because project is very unique business is very much scalable
and so value of leax going fast


Well, how many projects gets sold out way before their time. This is clear indication that there are people who believe in it, so it would do good in market.


We know the Leaxcoin is an excellent project with a strong team that will certainly lead us to success!


Everyone had a situation when a deal goes bad, whether it is selling or buying. But I think that the main mistake is a late interest to cryptocurrency. Many of us lost time and had not believed in it.


great we should work for leaxcoin honestly so that leax may be so much popular among people in the world


still much time never forget we should believe because technology is king current time
anything can be in the world of crypto many of us lost bitcoin
no repeat this mistake again


Well my biggest mistake is not gambling some parts of my coins and do the trading as I am looking for long term hold. Sometimes, I feel regretful of the times when I could have gained and bought them back. Although, I would say I really did not think it will happen that way. Really no one can predict. Also, I should have done more research about other projects too. I should have known them earlier and join in. But then, that is life I guess. Now, I learned that I should not feel that way and focus on my goal whether be a mid or long term holder and not regret anything as I make those decisions by myself, no on to blame.


you are an investor
you wait for good time to buy and hold and an investor never commit big mistake
they are well disciplined so they rarely found mistake side


We all make mistakes and I have had my fair share of mistakes too. I’m not saying that I won’t make any more mistakes, I will make many more but I’ll take lessons from all of them. As long as you’re making new mistakes everyday, that’s good because you are finding new ways by which you can’t succeed but if you’re repeating the same ones again and again, its time for you to assess yourself.

Don’t blame anyone, even yourself because that won’t do any good. Instead, learn the ways to succeed and share them with all us so that we can all succeed too.