What's next for bounty hunters?


As per new lows of Ethereum, people are estimating that Ethereum may not recover to its previous highs, at least not in next few days/weeks. As all the ICOs asks payment in ethereum, this dip has hurt all new projects, they are probably not getting enough funds as they initially expected. For that reason, they are either closing their projects and refunding the money or simply delaying the project’s launch date. What should Bounty hunters do in this situation?


For Bounty hunters today is a very difficult situation. Against the backdrop of a falling market and a large number of scam projects, work is almost in vain. We need to choose strong projects and continue to work, we must believe the best time will come soon.


Yes, a little research is needed before start doing any bounty and special attention should be given the bounty manager who is managing the bounty, his previous record should be checked. Even if we get paid, price drops so suddenly that the reward seem like pennies.