What things Everyone Should Know


What things Everyone Should Know About Crypto Security And Protecting crypto Investments
please tell me this in details so that i could understand this


For crypto security, I only recommend using offline wallets as storage. If online, many things people do and harm us.


Use offline wallets if possible. Do not browse internet on that device on which you have stored your important keys and private keys. Always keep your keys encrypted.

Always use a different email ID to create account on exchanges and bounties/airdrops.


your answer is nice
i use online wallet to collect coins and tokens worthless coins and tokens i left lying there
and best coins tokens transfer to safe wallet for long from online wallet


Mind telling us which safe wallets are you using?
Maybe I’ll also start using them and become rich like you :wink:


I think the first thing first is to creating cold wallet as soon as we can, also dont invest so much on new project, better if only invest on major project that already exist for 2-5year


If the new project is good and you really believe that it’ll succeed then that is the right time to invest in new project because price will be really low and it wouldn’t be very much famous till then. Once it gets noticed by big whales, price will just fly.


I am currently using
This multicurrency software wallet is very very good and so much safe no body touch my coins besides me
It is gift me my doctor uncle


LEDGER NANO S is an excellent offline wallet. I congratulate you, your money under reliable protection.


If you have a big portfolio then Ledger Nano S is the best choice for a cold wallet but I wouldn’t suggest it if the portfolio value is lower than the cost of this wallet.


Wow that really some valuable insights.


Yes, hardware is the safest for now, but i hope many method can coming in future, i still not feeling comfortable with hardware


i think this is very comfortable a baby can use this easily