What is the main advantage of QR code in the world of crypto currency?


During the conference Blockchain Cruise CEO BTCC Bobby Lee talked about the benefits of QR code for Bitcoin. According to Lee, the code provides an excellent opportunity for rapid collection of funds in the crypto currency.

The public key or address Bitcoin-purse is a long combination of letters and numbers, which is difficult to remember. But thanks to QR-code sending bitcoins to the address of any purse will take only a few seconds. So it is much more convenient to send crypto currency or donate it for the benefit of those in need.

"QR code is much better than a long string of characters. I can even code my private key to send the code to charity. Those who are interested in it can simply scan the QR code and get a wallet with a small amount of crypto currency. "

Lee noted that Bitcoin is “money in the cloud”.

"You know, with all these blocks of coins are not stored somewhere in a certain place. A private key is just an address where you can access it. I’m very interested in how the development of the blockchain will come to pass in the future. "

The BTCC CEO pointed to the need to declare relatively large amounts of money when crossing borders. People can not just transport more than 10,000 dollars to another country.

"For example, I flew to Barcelona by plane. Did I take with myself 100, 1000 or 10 000 dollars? Nobody knows this, because my money is crypto currency. "

With Bitcoin, you do not need to tell someone about your income and get permission to own your own money. In the future, crypto currency can give the necessary freedom to a citizen of each country.

What do you see as advantages?


it is true, cryptocurrency is like money that runs, provided we have a secret key, because that is the key, if the secret key is lost then everything will disappear,
and indeed if you look at the story ahead of cryptocurrency it is indeed very good and has been ascertained to be free from tax and state requirements that are troublesome,
it’s just one thing to be aware of, namely the HACKER attack.


It does makes the payment process convenient undoubtedly. No copy paste required, just scan the code with your phone and you are almost done. No space for mistakes in sending address unless you are scanning a wrong code.


Yes, undoubtedly, the new technology saves our time, the most valuable thing that we have.


So in crux of the whole parapgraph written above, we can say that main advantage of Blockchain tevhnilogy is saving of time and convenience in doing transactions.


Quite right, this is saving time and simplifying transactions. Today, this is important for all of us.