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Great project… Nice


welcome community !! :heart_eyes:


Sounds very interesting, it looks like this project has very good potential.
Good luck.


looking great project I am sure that the Leax going to get success in upcoming ico sale.


Leaxcoin is very Interesting and Innovative Project. I have joined it today. I am looking forward to it and I wish it will get success soon.


Thanks for the welcome. I just notice this today, lol. With my experience from the community, its doing great and Im having fun posting atleast once a day. I like the badges a lot and Im looking forward to seeing ranks too. Long live, Leaxcoin! Community!


very very good project i never seen before i love most the project
success of this project is sure
thanks to create such great idea


very good idea, project with have forum to discussion, i think we can bigger and success if we help each other, much people can sharing their opinion at here, maybe will be greats again if you have some bonus or gift for active member here