Vitalik Buterin Weighs on Future of Blockchain and How Google Tried to Hire Him


Vitalik Buterin Weighs in on Future of Blockchain and Reveals About How Google Tried to Hire Him
During a small, private event held in San Francisco last week, Vitalik Buterin Cofounder of Ethereum shared his thoughts on the future of blockchain privacy and Ethereum.

Speaking to Crypto Congressman Jason Hsu, He revealed his thoughts about what he is working on.

According to Ethereum co-founder, "Recently, I spend a lot of time working on the proof-of-stake and charting protocols. This is what the Ethereum research community is focusing on more than anything else at this point, "Buterin said.

"I think that there has been a lot of frameworks for state channels coming out recently. The Casper protocol is getting much closer to being finalized at this point. It’s just pending a review on academic analysis, "he added.

"There were rumors a few months ago that Google wanted to hire you. I take it you are in town for your job interview, "Hsu asked Buterin.

"I hope we all realize that this was a joke. Some random HR people from Google emailed me, most likely because some machine learning algorithm is analyzed by GitHub and see that I have some high score in the international Olympiad. Apparently, I fit the blueprints as a great candidate to hire and internal salary, "Bitterin 'laughed

Vitalik Buterin on Future of Blockchain technology …

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