UK calls for stronger control of the crypto industry


Representatives of the Special Committee of the British Treasury believe that the crypto-currency industry requires enhanced control and regulation to ensure the safety and protection of investors.

The committee has prepared a report, which compares the cryptosphere with the Wild West, filled with risks, threats, lack of security, and extensive opportunities to launder money.

The authors criticize the British government and the Central Bank, as agencies do not take any measures to protect crypto-currency investors.

FCA supports the opinion of the special committee that the crypto industry is not suitable for retail traders, who at any time can lose all their funds.


Thinking has started, soon action will be taken too. At least, some countries are going in right direction with crypto regulations. Maybe slow but its happening.


and when every thing final then our work will reward lot us
and our future will be batter then now


We are here, we are taking risks now, so if this becomes successful, we’ll be the one to enjoy the sweetest fruits too.


all know without risk not comes profit so who want profit will have to take some risk
if got success got profit


Yep. Lets see what will happen in future. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best.


Right, our future predictions don’t know. many bounty hunters are tired because of market conditions, but in my opinion now is the right time to collect various coins in our wallets. for those who have big capital, buying coins is now time. if I only rely on fingers as a bounty seeker, with the hope of smiling next year.


you are master of crypto investment you know perfectly when buy and when sell the coin you hold
buy right in right time and sell in rght time to book much profit


Most of the projects have delayed their launch due to bad market conditions, so there are limited options to collect coins from. but yeah, if you have capital, you can make big gains.


Proper thinking leads to the right action and gives good results.


why not really
a proper thinking surely leads to the right action and gives one best result
so one should always think proper to get good result


Miss, you just copy pasted the stuff from the post just above your post and it isn’t good or contributing anything to the topic. Please do not repeat this.