Top 5 cryptocurrencies be on Jan. 1, 2020?


This is how I imagine it to be. Those cryptocurrencies will all be at a $1T market cap.

  1. Ethereum from $30B to $1T = 33x
  2. IOTA from $1.2B to $1T = 760x
  3. Elastos from $55M to $1T = 14,400x
  4. Bitcoin from $115M to $1T = 9x

I cannot make a statement about the 5th one. Maybe the fifth one will be one of the following

  1. Nano, but it currently has a centralized design NANODE REPRESENTATIVE
  2. Cardano, but only if they can remove the stake pooling, which creates pools again and centralizes the network
  3. Skycoin if they deliver their antennas and really create the decentralized internet
  4. Aeternity once they have implemented Bitcoin NG
  5. MatrixAI once they have launched, but that will take a whole more year
  6. Quarkchain once they have launched, but that will take a whole more year

or it will be a cryptocurrency that doesn’t even exist yet.


The coin that wants to be at the top has to have the following 6 characteristics.

  1. Near infinite scalability
  2. Near infinite decentralization
  3. Permissionlessness and trustlessness
  4. Instant transactions
  5. Zero fees
  6. 1 millionth the energy usage of Bitcoin

Currently, only Elastos and IOTA (at scale) have those and Ethereum with their new hybrid consensus algorithm Casper and Lightning Network Raiden, which are both almost finished


None of the four coins have all these qualities and still they are on top. Doesn’t it look contradictory?


many people have predicted until 2020. Whatever happens with crypto, is there still a future? I have no idea. for these coins there are only 2 that I know of, maybe Leaxcoin will be included the next day.


Leax’s idea is great and people are trusting it. Leax being sold out is a proof of that. So I guess it can be included in that list.


really you are right this is future maker


surely leaxecoin future will be golden and aquire top place in the list of crypto coins
and who has own the coin will be in golden era


i trust most becouse of great idea and project


I think it is difficult to transact without fees, because the transaction must use fees, without the transaction of fees, the platform that is the shipping service or wallet will close because it does not get income.


You can transact without fee on NEP-5 Blockchain. No fee in transacting NEO, GAS or any other nep-5 token or coin.


this is good news thank you


This is old and everyone knows it if they ever have done trading.