Tim Draper: today kryptomarket looks like the early days of the Internet


Venture capitalist Tim Draper predicts that the aggregate market capitalization of the crypto currency will reach $ 80 trillion over the next 15 years, according to the news portal DealStreetAsia.

Speaking at the DealStreetAsia PE-VC 2018 summit in Singapore, Draper said that a significant decline in the market for crypto currency in recent months should be associated with people who were not ready to accept them as a new asset class. He believes that as soon as potential users become more familiar with technology, it converts a multitude of different industries to a global level.

"I believe that they will have a transformational effect on such industries, about which we never thought that they can be transformed. The Internet has risen against the background of markets with a capitalization of $ 10-100 billion, crypto-currencies will go to trillion-dollar markets - finance, health and insurance, banking and investment banking, and the government sector, "he said.
Draper compares the current state of the market for crypto currency with the days of the Internet:

"The Internet started in exactly the same way. He came in big waves, and then, sort of like, fell on his head, and the next wave became much larger. I suspect that the same thing happens with bitcoin. "
Analyst of CNBC channel Brian Kelly also used to draw a parallel between bitcoin and “the internet, which was about the 80’s”. “I believe that this technology will work, it will bring fundamental changes, but while it is at very early stages of development, that’s why we see this volatility,” he said.

And what do you think about this?


me personally predict cap for crypto will reach 1Trillion in a year or two, crypto is well-known in the urban, more more people will come to this field


When all the people on the planet are plunged into crypto-currencies, then there will be a real ascent.


It was 800+ billion in January, so 1 trillion is easily achievable provided the manipulation by the whales is stopped otherwise 1 trillion won’t come this year.


When all the people will jump in here, it’ll become more or less stock market, I can’t even imagine what will be the market cap of the crypto because everyone would be running around good projects, driving up their prices crazy.


a good analytical analysis, between the internet in 80 and cryptocurrency in 2017.
indeed if in the past year it was known as the highest bitcoin, the market experienced an increase that was so sharp, and like the internet incident, after rising the drop was also very sharp.
This may cause investor disappointment about cryptocurrency.
but if investors learn from the history of bitcoin, then after experiencing a decline, there will be a bigger wave of price increases.


Yap, easy, but i mean stable at Trillion cap, not like nowaday


If any of the ETF (either bct or eth) is approved, we’ll have tonnes of money flowing in the market from institutions. Then a stable market at trillion market cap will be easily achieved.


Yes, im agree investors waiting for regulation for now, they need to feeling safe before throw their money


I hope their prediction is right. I wonder how much percentage is bitcoin in that 80 trillion total capitalization. I better save as many altcoins and bitcoin I can have so i become a millionaire when that day comes. The only problem is if that day, will really come as the world now is about to explode. LoL.


Problem with us, all of us is that if we’ll get even 2x gain, we’ll sell everything, trust me, I’ll sell almost 50% of my holding but to be a millionaire, we have to have deep trust in the market which those people have shown who bought bitcoin at meager few cents but did not sell it at 10x or 100x. They believed in it and sold it at near to 18000$ and made 2,00,000% gain or more.


You’re right. I envy those people who bought BTC at an very cheap price. But that was also the time when everyone does not care of bitcoin. Im actually on the side of investing long terms. I dont sell right away for just earning double but I wait for certain token to give me huge profits. I just started with crpytocurrency a few months and I blame myself for not starting early.


I was reading questions on quora in 2014 or earlier ‘what advice would you give to your younger yourself if you can go 5 or 10 years in the past’ and almost everybody had written that I’ll tell myself to buy bitcoin but I was so dumb that I ignored it. If I had paid even a little attention at that time, I would surely have made heavy gains today but the 2017 train has departed already, we can only hope for the better future with crypto currency.


@Gaurav11kb, you could have been drinking wines and swimming in private pools by now if you stashed bitcoins during those times. But maybe we are not yet late, maybe bitcoin is still on its early stage and that its will still multiply a lot of times. But nobody knows when except these whales.


Yep. That could have been possible. But still, I believe that we are not that late. Crypto is still in early stage and it has potential to grow.