This will be the answer. I have a Question. Manipulation


Hello everyone.
This topic is about finding the real answer, the fully TRUE.
it`s real? Are the big guys now playing with the market cap as they wish?
I mean, since Mt.Gox there some suspicious theories.
Now, With this amazing and not so understandable Pump in December and a so low market since then.
Are we getting another pump very soon? or it is over?
Last days we have been greens in the markets, that’s is nice for some people definitely.
Are we bouncing to +20K this time?
It is somehow similar to last year this dates…

If you have any info related to manipulations or theories about that, please share them with us


We are due for pump but I don’t think it’ll be at par eith the dec pump. We can have a big pump if etf is accepted. As far as manipulations are concerned, they are happening on daily basis otherwise we wouldn’t be here in bearish market for this long.