The Turkish minister offered to support the ICO sector


Turkey is waiting for economic recovery and bold initiatives from its political leaders, because the sharp and significant drop in the Turkish lira has already caused a stir at local crypto-exchanges.

Turkish Minister Berat Albayrak believes that the support of ICO projects can become the most effective and innovative state program. Turkey will also study the possibility of creating a national crypto currency, backed by ISO.

Meanwhile, the Turkish crypto community supports the minister, who turned his attention to “closely related to the ICO’s crypto-currency world,” considering it “a significant factor.” Indeed, the maintenance and encouragement of the ICO at the state level is either a sign of the futuristic thinking of its leaders, or shows the level of their desperation.

Reports that Turkey is considering the possibility of creating Turkish bitkoyna appeared at the beginning of the year. Also in January, Turkey also paid for the supply of Russian wheat in bitcoins.

So far, the only government that participated in the full-scale ICO experiment was Venezuela, which announced the ICO in February this year.