The Spanish region of Aragon introduces the blockchain into public administration


The autonomous community of Aragon in the northeast of Spain will be the first country in the country that will use the technology of blockchain in the government, according to the local news agency Europa Press.

Fernando Gimeno, Finance and Public Administration Advisor to the Government of the region, signed a contract with Alastria, a block-ecosystem of more than 274 legal entities, including companies and institutions that create technology-based tools in accordance with Spanish law and within the legal framework The European Union.

Neighboring region Catalonia also showed interest in tools based on the blockchain, planning their implementation in public administration by the end of December 2018. In addition, he intends to sell solar energy in the detachment, and also thought about creating an e-citizenship program based on this technology.

As the blockchain is gradually introduced into public administration around the world, the ruling party of Spain, Partido Popular (People’s Party), has proposed a bill on the blockchain, which it proposes to improve its efficiency and transparency through its application in the financial system.

In June, the Spanish leftist political coalition Unidos Podemos invited the Spanish government to create a subcommittee responsible for studying the potential of blockchain technology and regulating crypto-currencies.


This is starting for this too. There is first for everything. Blockchain will transparency in that governement for sure. Thanks for this news.


good information. I know it’s a small area in Spain, maybe the management is lighter or as an initial trial from a Spanish country. good development, hopefully many in other countries.


All big things were sometime very small. This is a good step after all.


Yes, the development of blockchain continues and gradually all countries will pass through it.