The Ministry of Justice registered the Bitcoin Russia Association


The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation registered the Association Bitcoin Russia, the organization reported.

Russia became the 7th country in the world - after Switzerland, USA, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan - where such an organization operates.

Since the registration date - September 6 - more than 10 thousand applications for physical and legal applications for membership have been accepted. Each candidate undergoes mandatory verification (KYC).

The Association will interact with state authorities on the formation of legislative regulation of the crypto currency in Russia, including for the integration of institutional investors into the bitcoin industry. Also, the association intends to build a “common system of coordinates” between investors, traders, miners and other participants in the bitcoin community.


Circle is growing. 7 countries now and the number would keep on increasing.

This is really good.


our hope getting strong by hearing this type of news and encourage me to do work to earn crypto
that will make my future good


Do tell us about what you’re going to do to earn more crypto. Which bounties are you going to do next?


currently i am working for leax and not planning for others now


Okay. That’s good, I’m doing the same.

But I asked



i am searching a good and promising project to participate


Do tell us about it when you find any. We are waiting.


of course
i will tell this to you


I don’t know this news is true or not. indeed the Russian government is very responsive to cryptocurrency. if true, this is good news for bounty hunters, because the coin increase will occur again.


while government supporting and going well so why not we help the best project and earn reward
to make future good