The Future Of Virtual Currencies: Bitcoins And What’s Next?


It’s a question most merchants would have laughed at just a couple of years ago, but the world’s leading virtual currency has become so mainstream that companies like Microsoft and Expedia now accept Bitcoins – although hedging their bets by using middlemen like BitPay or Coinbase to first turn the virtual currency into dollars.

The process by which virtual currency systems operate is still very much a work in progress, and governments are trying to figure out the best way to oversee – and tax – Bitcoin transactions. It seems certain, though, that these new currencies are here to stay, in one form or another.


in near future i believe many big merchsnt will accepting cryptos especially bitcoin, but this need more regulation to coming first before this thing can happen


I think
future of virtual currency is golden and who will invest early get better than newer
next is leaxcoin
so one should never miss leaxcoin


currency must be stable, i think next virtual currency is a coin/token that backed with a stable real gold or something like it


see what happened in future i hope everything will be nice