The first in the USA dealer Bentley, Bugatti and Rolls-Royce now accepts crypto-currencies


The first in the US car dealer Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Bugatti began to accept payments BTC and BCH, reports Post Oak Motor Cars in a press release on September 5th.

Owned by Tilman Fertitt, the Post Oak Motor Cars auto dealer has implemented a solution from BitPay so customers can pay for luxury cars in crypto-currencies. As the company describes in a press release, a Texas firm will accept crypto-currencies from customers from around the world.

Tillman Fertitta said that the company made decisions to accept crypto-currency payments, seeking to offer “the best customer experience” and allow customers around the world to buy a car “faster and easier.”


This is just the starting. For big stuff or say expensive stuff, it is easy to pay with crypto if the user decides. It is fast, safe and recorded. These things are becoming common in developed nations those have accepted crypto. These small activities will give more exposure to people about this industry.


This is what we are talking about. Real use of crypto in the real world, more efficient and less hassle for buyers and sellers. These pioneers will have an advantage over those who are just looking and observing without any plan on levering the technology which keeps on innovating. This will increase the demand in crypto as well as the sales in auto for Post Oak Motor because they added another mode of payment. We will see more of it coming and more regulations too. What makes this crypto world dark is, those scammers and hackers, who do nothing but being unjustly enriched at a cost of others.