The Best Smart Contract Coin/Token in your opinion


There is a lot of coin in nowadays who have smart contract feature. Can you guys give me your opinion which one is the real good one and give me your reason about it? Thanks


I love Neo so much, so easy to get passive income with NEO coin


hello @fulled! May I know why you say you get easily get passive income in NEO? Im not familiar with NEO yet so I’d like to find out and might as well invest in it. Can you share to us how you profit from it? Is it through trading? Joing NEO-based ICOs?


You hold Neo and you get GAS as reward. Its like proof of stake but not exactly same but you get rewards for holding the coins ion your wallet. At normal market conditions, Gas trades at 18-30$ per coin. Plus neo blockchain is really cool, as there are no withdrawal fee.


I’ll suggest to buy some proof of stake (POS) coins/tokens. You get rewards for holding them, so your coins multiply over time. Now prices are low, so best time to buy. Some examples are DO, Privcy, staker or META and there are some others too.


No, im staking my neo to get gas, im claim my gas every 7 days, and also neo has amazing tech, fast and cheap transaction


Of course NEO has amazing technology. Its so good that this coin has potential to replace ethereum in long term. Majority of this coin is held by Chinese and this is famous as Chinese ethereum.


Many coins have a hidden potential, which no one knows in advance. For example, Dogecoin, who for a long time was not interesting. If a joint project with Ethereum happens, Dogecoin can grow very well in price. We must anticipate such situations and then we will have success.


Presently there are hundreds of projects which are working silently without any hype. They are focussinfg on tech and work instead of marketing. Once they’ll achieve what they are trying to do, they’ll be the most beneficials just like you said. So its better to focus in the aim of the project instead of hype created in the market.


Yes, im start to buying NEO and EOS again, im buying so many EOS at 4$, i believe EOS is so undervalued nowaday


Damn! I didn’t even see the price for so many days. Now more and more coins are migrating to EOS blockchain, in few months, it’ll give direct competition to Ethereum. Going to buy some too when it dips a little again.


I think eos on good price now, i believe the price will not down too far from this price


I wasn’t even expecting 4$. That is hell of a good coin, but sadly I don’t have any spare funds now. Will have to sell somethings to buy it and I won’t sell anything in bear market :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe you should sell 1 of your kidney, and buy stack of kidneys when you get x100 profit lol


But I can’t say for sure that I’ll make 100x. And what if I make only 10x and price of kidney rises up by 100x? :stuck_out_tongue:


many are watching the movement of eos coins, including me. the indicator, maybe the eos network is getting better so many projects use it. I’m sure the next 6 months, the value of this coin will soar and become a strong competitor of ETH.


Everyone talks about the hidden potential of the EOS, maybe I need to take a closer look at this coin.


Everyone is talking about it not because it has something special, but if coins are going to use its blockchain then eos will be used as gas for transactions which will ultimately increase its value and people would want to hold it then.


Personally i love eos because in future upgrade we can get passive income from staking like Neo