The Australian state uses blockchain to digitize the driver's license


The government of New South Wales, a state in the southeast of Australia, uses the technology of blockchain for the program of digitization of driving permits. As part of the pilot version of the TrustGrid project, which is scheduled to be officially launched in 2019, 140,000 drivers will be involved.

In cooperation with the state government technology partner, the local IT company Secure Logic, a blockchain-platform was developed that will support the data protection initiative in a distributed form.

In 2017, the TrustGrid project was successfully tested by the government of the city of Dubbo. The purpose of the new program is to use a distributed network for authentication and storage of driver’s licenses - this will allow users to provide their digital credentials via a mobile application. Thus, drivers will no longer need to have physical cards to prove their age and identity when checked by the police or when visiting pubs and nightclubs.

Earlier, in May, a bill was adopted that legalized government projects aimed at enabling residents to provide these licenses digitally, for example, through distributed registry technology.

This initiative is in line with the country’s overall goal of implementing blockchain technology. As part of the Digital Economy program, the Australian federal agency specializing in research works with IBM to create a “national blockchain”, which allows companies to carry out transactions on the basis of intellectual legal contracts.


a breakthrough for Australia, but I am asking, how do you synchronize between blockchain technology and driving license courses? I think it should be explained in more detail so that other countries can adopt it