Strict rules in Bounties, is it needed


Ofcourse it is!

Nowadays, I notice most of bounties have strick rules, making bounties more organize and I like that Bounty Manager requesting Proof of Authentication to limit scammer .

It’s been one of major mistakes of bounty hunter like me not to read rules and requirements of each bounties ending up not getting stakes so it’s very important to read and understand each rules to ensure that we’re doing the right thing and not wasting our time and effort


Proof of identification posts are very much needed and I am sick and tired of bounty thieves and scammers trying hard to steal both my Husband’s and my identities and content, which we work hard to produce and provide. This week we have wasted over 5 hours combined reporting scammers who have been awarded stakes instead of us and US labeled as the scammers, despite my husband having his ETH address in all his descriptions in the videos, so why don’t the bounty managers check the proof of identity posts and eth addresses? I had to get my other half to make a PROOF OF IDENTITY VIDEO to put now in all his proof of authentication posts because we are fed up with these Vietnamese thieves, as there is a Vietnamese mafia going around stealing our work and even making telegram i.ds with our names and pictures lol, it’s a joke. Why do these scammers work so hard to steal our work, instead of working to produce their own shit


That’s sad and pathetic at the same time. BM should have some system to accept only one username and address from one person and if anyone else uses that same info, they should be banned immediately.


Yes avoid scamming activities strictly rule should be applied. Post with authentication is a main method of prohibited scammers and scamming action.


Bounty management team allow some strict rule in bounty campaign such as E-mail, capcha, proof of authentication, kyc, email varification etc because false participants and scamms alart.


Moreover, we need to carefully read the rules not only at the beginning of the project, but throughout the work. Very often there are changes in the middle or at the end of the project and if we do not see them, then we can lose all the work.


authentication evidence to prevent fraudsters and thieves. in addition, authentication proof will prevent multiple account usage in one bounty project.


So I saying very strict rules to be implemented by bounty providers for bounty hunters to stop multi sign up and account use by one hunter


strict rules should be applied so that cheaters account identified to not reward twice thrice same person and real bounty hunters get real reward for their task


I second that. It is very important to stop spam otherwise this forum will lose its value. Devs created this forum to have some good discussions about the market and various currencies, lets keep it on the track.


What is spam in this forum I would like to know
Please spamming things bring fore so that every forum members will be able to know


Post of authentication number, post of authentication link, capcha matching, Kyc etc rules should be applied every bounty campaign to minimise scamming, cheating and false participation.


I agree with you all these rules can prevent fraudulent participants in bounty campaign
And all will be get best reward from bounty campaign for their task


Post authentication, kyc with national id card, bank documents with selfie, passport, is the obstacles of being scammers, scamming and fake participate. Role of red trust always create effective impact on avoiding scamm.


Strict rules in the bounty make it possible to avoid fraud and adequately assess the work of each participant.


Yes it is necessary to avoid spammers and fake profiles.


I think
National Id selfie and current date written paper