Stellar Lumens Continues Its Double Digit Trend While Ripple’s XRP Slows Down


Sundays are most beautiful when you start the morning by seeing the complete crypto-market taken over by the green gaining percentages. Two days ago Ethereum World News reported on how XRP’s bull-run had no stop and it went above even Ethereum by market capitalization for a brief day.

At the same time, one of the communities favorites Stellar Lumens (XLM) was following XRP’s performance at such high notes with almost 20.00% gain. Afterward not being surprised a slight correction came to be and the buyers’ movement slowed down as sellers stepped in to get their money notes. See more for yourself


Positive information, hopefully the development of other crypto coins is getting better. hopefully negative market sentiment does not affect more severely


Lets just hope market doesn’t get hit by any negative news in the days to come, so that the green trend continues at least until btc reaches 8k. Otherwise we are doomed for another few months in red.


yes, I hope, because seeing a market that continues to fall, this makes small investors confused and panicked, hopefully the market can return to green.


most likely so bro gaurav, but I personally still instill confidence that there will be a return of bullrun, it’s just not as big as the end of last year.


Market is down again. Seriously at the moment, I’m not even thinking of bull run, just want price stabilized for a few days so that I could get my portfolio in order and make some necessary changes.