Stay safe from hackers


I have even heard of few people getting hacked with 2FA activated because they hadn’t securely stored their 2FA backup key. Use of dropbox or google drive to store such information and other login info/private key is unsecure.

2FA doesn’t make login hard, you will get a state of relax mind with it but making proper backup and storing it offline is as important as activating 2FA.


Activate 2FA and then encrypt your backup and private keys before putting them on mail. Plus use a different mail ID to store them, which hasn’t been used anywhere else.


securing our wallets is very important. I think it’s safer if we have offline wallets (Ledger etc). Online wallet protection can always be hacked by people.


offline wallet is fully safe but many people not using this method
why i don’t know
i can say they are careless


Who told you that many people are using this method?
All big investors are using ledger and most of them have multiple ledger wallets.


Ledger is very costly. If you want to buy that then your investment portfolio must be very big too. But I’m a small fish :slight_smile:


yes but keeping everything in mind is not ban
this can be proved much beneficial when you need


Yes you are 100% right, offline wallet like leaxcoin wallet having more secure than online wallet but users don’t know how to use… But time being people normally know how can it would be used.