Startup Credits and Lenovo has Partnered!


Recent partnership between the startup and Lenovo has made some noise over the crypto world. How will this affect both parties? And will this partnerhsip other startups and established blockchain projects? Does credits has what it takes to beat top cryptos?


Wow, lenovo is china based company, and everytime chinese big player come to crypto always make a good thing like neo, i hope this one can make a success too, nice job lenovo


Yeah. can’t believe it too. And I think Lenovo is connected to IBM. Not so sure, and if so. It is a great partnership though. They can mutually benefit in each other’s technology and ideas. Will be watching these two and see how this can go.


IBM was using blocjchain tech for their payment system, but i dunno more about the details, but this is still a good news for crypto universe


the news can be positively welcomed by the cryptocurrency addict, but it must always be updated, because this news could be just one of the issues to boost the name Lenovo or bitcoin, if indeed they make a project, it must be immediately discussed and the bounty hunter is ready to support them.


They have indeed partnered. You can check Lenovo’s say on this. Published on Chinese media. You can see it for yourself. But still waiting for other medium of news articles to publish this one, with broader reach.