Start Programme Ambassador



(1) You will receive the hourly payment, and a prize at the end of ICO.
(2) You will receive a percentage for all processes and real estate transactions within your country.
(3) You will participate in the Ambassadors Exclusive Mobile Phone Interaction Group
(4) You will take part the selection of Community Managers for your country
(5) You will have the right to voting for decision-making to improve the LeaxCoinform plant.
(6) You will recieve other benefits that will be vote on what happens in the ecosystem in the future as we grow.

Having Passion for the cryptocurrency market and understanding Blockchain transactions.
Be an innovator.
Real estate, investment or business experience in your country.
Know the real estate transaction and laws system in your country.
Be Communicative, dynamic, be an autonomous yet responsible decision-maker, be team-player and a leader.

Key Responsibilities:
(1) You will represent the community of your country. support brokers and ensure real estate transactions run smoothly.
(2) You will plan and deliver the project in your country, organize events and supervise people
(3) You suggest improvements necessary for the App / Web to meet the expectations of users in your country.
(4) Other duties, as requested by the community in the future as we grow.

Are you ready to start?

Link for subscribe here


Interesting program, I’ll show it to my friends.


Im an internship on lawyer office, im on my way to be lawyer next year, but i have good passion in crypto, also i have many good friend that can help crypto project more success, they are profesional translator, video maker and creative content maker, they all know me because im a elder on good crypto community in my country, just pm me if you think i am capable enough to be ambasador for indonesia :slight_smile: