Spam posts will be reported to admins


I am creating this topic just to make a request that please don’t spam the forum with crap/useless comments just to increase the number of posts under your name. I know we all are here to earn the maximum stakes from this campaign but this should be done is a respectful manner. There are some users who are just posting anything which doesn’t even relate to this forum or even to the topic they are commenting in. This is not good. There are hundred of topics on this forum already, if you want to earn more stakes then share your knowledge and write meaningful comments on every topic in which you can really contribute. If you don’t know something then ask questions as many as you can but don’t spam.

This is just a request from my side, I’m just another member just like you all but from now on, I’ll be reporting every spam/crap/useless/unrelated post/comment to the moderators or admins of the forum. So kindly take some time to understand the topic and then reply. Thanks!

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I hope this step is from this forum Admin, it turns out that is your suggestion. This is a good step for forums, post quality and is the basis for the development of this forum.


Spam is never allowed on any forum and you might know there are strict rules too. The purpose of creating a forum is lost if the people are posting useless things there. This is my suggestion but I’m sure even admins would not want any kind of spam here. I have reported some posts, I’ll see what happens. If they take corrective action then I’ll keep on reporting useless posts. If they don’t then I’ll stop.