Solar-Powered System Sends Crypto Through Radio Waves


To many, cryptocurrency is a way of securing financial independence from banks and governments. Those interested in going off-grid, distancing themselves from authority, and even “preppers” who believe that major catastrophe is coming any day share many of the values of hardcore crypto advocates.

One point of contention is blockchain’s reliance on the power grid — how can something truly grant freedom from government if it can’t operate outside of government infrastructure? How can crypto replace cash if it can’t be even used when the lights go out?

The developers of Burst believe they have the solution: a solar-powered blockchain that operates completely off-grid. They claim to have already completed a solar-powered cryptocurrency transaction using short burst radio waves. While other projects have incorporated radio waves into their transaction process, Burst may be the first project to have performed a fully off-grid transaction, opening a use case for cryptocurrency in instances of natural disaster or areas with poor infrastructure.


this is great news, many people are competing to develop blockchain technology. Lots of competition, lots of improvements and lots of changes.
Two blockchain networks have emerged, technology development is getting st


There will always be exceptions. If it is going to be solar powered, then it won’t work in very cold countries where you don’t see the sun for days or even weeks.

And when some disaster will hit an area, I don’t think it’ll just leave solar power set up undamaged.

While, its a good news but it may not work properly as expected.