Sierra Leone Holds First Blockchain-Powered Presidential Vote!


Sierra Leone’s Presidential vote last week was powered by blockchain technology. While this is a milestone in itself, there is still a long way to go. The ballots were paper-based and later manually inputted into a blockchain system. Expect to see more developing nations move forward with similar initiative as they look to build towards the future.

Blockchain startup Agora has published what appears to be the earliest results for the hotly contested Sierra Leone election, the first presidential vote tracked using the technology.After the voting concluded on Wednesday, as many as 400,000 ballots were manually inputted into Agora’s blockchain system by a team of 280 accredited observers working in as many locations.

Currently, the exact number of votes for each candidate aren’t being revealed to the public, just the percentages. But Agora, a Switzerland-based foundation, said it plans to make the results auditable in a public format in the coming days.