Should we believe the ICObench


Have you ever noticed that some ICOs refer on their score on ICObench during crowdsales. There are some experts that assess the ICO by follow criteria: Team, Vision and Product.

How useful is this score? Should we take it into consideration when performing a research on the ICO


We should take them into consideration but don’t rely only on them. Projects can pay them to get good ratings too. So its better to watch out for different sources.


i also think so
we should not believe in only one source
so i will watch many sources to analyze a project reality


Yep. There is icobench, trackcio and foundico and many more. Check them all out.


sure i will check first then go to invest


believe it or not it depends on personal. if I search for the project bounty always listed on icobench. Minimal concepts, products, and their teams are publicly known.


If you do a search you’ll find out that there were cases when ratings were bought and later projects ran away with investors money. So its better to be careful.


Not always the ratings give the right information, so it is not worth it to rely on them completely.


It’s true, definitely we must to check different sources before investing.


There was a project named IONChain. All good ratings and idea. Distributed good bounties and airdrops too and raised a good amount. And at the end, they emptied their wallet on idex, sold everything and ran away. So trust no one blindly.


Yes, I know this project, I saw good assessments and ideas, but it all ended sadly.


ICObench and all the other ICO rating sites couldn’t give you the full details about the project and couldn’t expect exactly if it is going to succeed or not, there are some scam ICOs which was highly rated by ICObench. But in general it is a simple tool to help you in choosing the most promising projects, and then you have to make your own research.


yes you are right many ico’s rated high but disappeared and went away with investors money
so be wise ant do your own research


As investors, we should not fully rely on these kind of sites. We can refer but not totally rely. If you will notice, the whitepaper of every project has included this in their terms and conditions that, we should not rely on what’s written on it. We should seek advise from our personal legal, business or financial advisor regarding any decision we are to make. So how much more are these sites to give us the decision to make. We can consider them in our decision making but we we still need to do our research and assessment whether we will go or not. Remember, these guys are paid to to give their opinion and that’s their opinion about the project. But they do not ensure if one project is real or not. It is our burden to do the assessment and research.


yes you are right many whitepaper of project looks like real business but those are not real and business plan
much much fake
so we need strong research


Correct. If you’ re going to rely on others’ research, chances are that you are going to get rekt.

Nicely said. Here’s what we can do. Eliminate those projects which have already got bad rating on these websites and if there is no info of their team.

If the ratings are good then read the whitepaper, Join all their social medias and see how active their devs and team members are. You’ll get the maximum exposure of project’s worth from there and then you assess it yourself.


this word is right
If the ratings are good then read the whitepaper, Join all their social medias and see how active their devs and team members are. You’ll get the maximum exposure of project’s worth from there and then you assess it yourself.


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I have invested in many icos rated 5.5 by icobench and at last it turn up to the scam, so I don’t think icobench or any order rating bodies are perfect because they are all human as we all.