Security Specialist Wizsec Gives Insight on the Billion Dollar BTC Wallet


**The bitcoin security specialists Wizsec has recently explained to the public that the wallet that held more than 111,000 BTC did not derive from the Silk Road marketplace, and it’s also not one of the Mt Gox wallets. Further Wizsec detailed today that a recent article had quoted the organization by cherry-picking quotes which in turn created an editorial that has bolstered unneeded fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

With All the Hype Over the Last few Weeks, the 111,000 BTC Wallet Could Be Meaningless


These short downfalls in the market after it recovers a little are result of pure manipulation and FUD. We really need some regulations to avoid all this.


I think for sure BTC from MT.GOX stolen by hackers a few years ago has run out, and it is impossible to remain intact 111,000 btc, and I believe, hackers might make a cryptocurrency gambling site after getting btc from mt.gox (just kidding about this )
maybe you have other comments about who has 111,000 btc?


One thing I’m sure of that this is not my wallet :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing bounties here :wink:


Recently, the media give a lot of contradictory information and FUD, we must be very careful to distinguish the truth.


When it comes to crypto, media doesn’t verify whether the news is correct or not and just publishes it. They know that no one is going to sue them for the wrong info if it is related to crypto. So its better to be sure on your own end rather than blindly believing in media now a days.