[SCAM] BitcoinHash.bet is Scam Website !


**BitcoinHash.be**t is a fraudulent website, never go to the website, they will tell you to deposit and when you win, you will be told to download like an application even though it’s a virus that will take your personal data !!

At first I was reading a thread on Service, Bitcoinhash Developer tried to find an admin for the website, I tried to apply and when I applied, it was immediately received without any questions, this was very absurd.

Secondly, I was asked to register on the website and give the Developer Bitcoinhash.bet an email to become an admin, and he told me to enter the panel, but the weirdness happened again, the Panel Admin must download the file, the admin panel should be on the website, I don’t believe it, when I downloaded it I immediately checked the file on an online virus, and it was detected as a trojan virus and many others.

The essence of this article is to be careful if there is a website that when withdrawing asks you to download something from the website, it is a good idea to check first on Virus online and most importantly do not forget that your computer / laptop is provided with anti-virus!



For the present condition we must be careful, there are a lot of fraud, phishing, scams and others. we must carefully enter the web, give us an email, or address our wallet. (available umbrella before it rains)


I swear I’ve seen the same design used for a lot of other scam “jackpot” sites.

Anyhow, it’s needless to say that the bets on their platform are completely fake. No way are they actually going to generate that much betting volume as a site that no one knows. Even well known gaming sites don’t generate this much volume consistently. Their “78 online” on the chat box is also fake, most probably.

Obviously if you’re asked to download stuff for something that you don’t know, don’t do it. There is too much risk of infecting your computer with a virus. Given that the site itself is not legit, do not deposit anything on their site.


These tactics are being used by scammers via airdrops too. They’ll ask you to fill google form and then ask you to sign your ether wallet on myetherwallet website but the website would be a little different. If you fill your private keys there, you’ll lose everything.

So always bookmark your important websites and do not browse the internet with the pc on which your private keys and other keys are stored.