Ripple vs Ethereum


I am not an altcoin guy but I am suddenly interested, as I can see on Ripple just after Bitcoin then litecoin and ethereum, still I am a lot of people speaking about ethereum more then they do about ripple i just checked the website on ethereum and for some reasons i didn’t understand anything, can’t even find an executable file to download and if it’s on beta lose their ether later (that’s if they are storing them anywhere)


Ethereum is certain if I have to choose.
Ethereum: creating smartcontract, decentralized and familiar with its founder.
Ripple: has the nature to be centralized and it is very dangerous to the Ripple holder.


for me ripple is just shitcoin, no special use case that this coin can bring to future, also this coin is centralized, i think its againts cryptocurrency’s spirit


I will not say that, sometimes all coins will be like that under certain conditions. luckily i have never held Ripple.


Ethereum Is The Best To Buy


Ripple was the first coin I bought in last dec :stuck_out_tongue:

I can vouch for it, ripple is the biggest shitcoin, centralized and 100 billion max supply. I still quite don’t understand why people are still buying it.


I think it’s better than ethereum from ripple. Because I have done the signature Campaign and bounty campaign at the bitcointalk Forum. They give me Ethereum exchangeable altcoin. With the help of ethereum, you can buy other coins easily. So, I chose ethereum.


Thats totally different thing. From that coin, you can buy ripple too. They don’t give you ethereum exchangeable coin, they give you a coin which is based on ethereum blockchain. which can be exchanged with any coin.


Ripple and ethereum, I think they are altcoints that deserve to be calculated, but in terms of quality I think ethereum is better, maybe because ethereum has a higher selling price than ripple, what is clear is that both coints have good potential.


Price is not everything brother, we have to see which is being used where. If you compare, ripple is decentralized and has no real life important use but ethereum has its own blockchain and thousands of coins are there working on the same blockchain, so ethereum is better than ripple. This is my opinion.


Yes, without a doubt Ethereum is better, because it is decentralized and has a smartcontract.


yes. personal perception is different, you are happy with ethereum, if I like various coins that promise profit.


for coins that have their own network are more favored, and the value of each coin is not a guarantee.


Yes. eth is superior to other alt coins. The reason is that eth networks are more widely used in various projects and eth values are often used to measure the value of tokens.


In addition to the ETH network there is an eos network, and neo. maybe the size of the coin is often used for token values, so eth networks are often used in various projects.


Now, projects have already started migrating from ethereum blockchain to EOS blockchain because of clogging of ethereum blockchain. There is also problem of scaling associated with ethereum. But here, question was to choose among ETH and ripple and eth is always better than XRP.


Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple three of these best to invest for risk takers


That’s how humans always want to try and want to get the best. If the size is a value, Ethereum remains the best.


Do you have any position in Ripple?

I don’t. I lost most on this coin in Jan.


For a long time I still hold BTC, there is a sense of curiosity how many BTC dollars will rise in 2019.