Ripple has grown by over 65%


Ripple has grown by over 65% in the last 24 hours.
That’s like 10 years of FD returns if someone invested yesterday in a day’s time.
That’s the excitement of the crypto markets. You can have wild swings upwards and downwards. Users can trade cautiously and invest small amounts and make a good trade from the swings.


Such a moment that we always long for, always patient will always get good results. but I don’t have ripple coins. congratulations to you, get a dewdrop of life


Wow…it is really a good news for the Ripple coin’s holders. Many congratulations to all of them. Finally I have earned something from Ripple because I am also the Ripple Holder but still I will hold them for long term.


Wow very interesting, ripple (XRP) is increasing, i have 1300 ripple that i bought in 2017 when price was on the moon but now price is ground, so i decide to hodl.


yes you should hold for long ripple will surely give you long holding reward always an investor (long holder) earn more than trader (quick seller)
so everyone should invest for long term in good business


Yes… Your advice is really effective… Today i buy some ripple (XRP) and i decide to hold this ripple long term holding. I am sure that ripple price will regain before very soon.


it is not surprising that ripple rose to 65%, because it was due to news about the new ripple step, and this could be the first step for investors to trust ripple again.


I totally agree with you. Actually when I had invested in Ripple that time it’s price was too high then it came on very low and that time I had almost lose my trust from it. But now I have believe on Ripple again that I can earn something more from it.