Reasons for Ethereum Crash?


In my opinion, one of the biggest reason for the Ethereum crash is that most of the scam projects and dead projects started liquidating their Ethereums which caused the dipped. Ethereum was strong because it was being used as a currency (medium of exchange) in all the ICOs, so it was obvious that liquidating majority of ethers will hurt the market.

What can be other reasons for this crash? Do share your thoughts freely.


I just heard about it bro,
but I see ethereum the price has decreased considerably because indeed the price of the btc in the market has dropped considerably, so it is not wrong if ethereum or even other altcoins experience a steep price decline, hopefully the market starts to get better in late September.


Well, whole market goes down when bitcoin crashes because bitcoin dominates the market but fall in price of ethereum was not normal as per market conditions. It was going more down than it should proportional to bitcoin. Market condition is just another factor contributing to the fate of the ethereum.


well you are right, maybe i just saw it in a simple way so as not to see ethereum in detail, because personally i am not interested in ethereum because hehe, it is too expensive for me if it is made a long term investment.


I care about ethereum because alts depend on it. Personally I don’t hold ethereum either. I just use it to purchase other currencies, I have only a small amount which is used as Gas in transactions to and from Myetherwallet.