Process to buy property in Albania


My country is Albania, a small country, whose nature has given endless natural beauty, has a delightful shrub which can be a good investment opportunity for foreign investors, with workforce, impulsive, that of in order to be a country with many visitors from all over the world.
In my country most people have their own homes, a small part of them prefer renting.In the country there are immobile agencies that can offer the properties that are available for sale, but there are also people who choose different facebook portals, instagram other internet sites to advertise the property.
Buying a property is an open process. Once the parties agree on the price and on the manner of payment, they sign the draft Purchase Agreement drawn up by the notary.
A notary is impartial for buyers and sellers and is responsible for the duties he has; verification of the Title of Ownership, control of the Essential Asset Register. Preparation of purchase contracts and Provision of fair terms of contract for the transfer of ownership, up to the registration of the contract in ZRPP). Both parties must be present at the notary in signing the contract or, alternatively, may be represented by another party through a Special Proceedings.
This is the way the buyer has all the funds themselves, many people, especially young families do not have this opportunity and are forced to turn to banks or other financial institutions to intervene in the purchase of property.
Although Albanian banks have been cautious in recent years, hiring a property, especially in the case of foreigners, may be a long process of bureaucracy.
It depends on the value of the property that is placed collateral in the bank to credit up to 70% of its value, since the buyer has prepaid not less than 30% of the sale-purchase price. All applicants must provide tax payment declarations in the last three years, submit employment and pay contracts, current bank accounts, asset attestations, etc. Albanian banks look favorably on foreigners who transfer or open their business in Albania.
Every application for these procedures is made online and it saves time, eliminates waiting times,
Immobiliare Agencies have created facilities for the purchase of properties, covering all the procedures until obtaining the ownership certificate from the buyer.
Foreign media about a year ago ranked Albania in second place for “must” destinations to buy a second home.
According to foreign agencies, there are a few things to consider when deciding to buy a property in Albania.

  • Legal Issues: there are still many problems, but it is estimated that about 85% of properties are checked and their titles are accurate. It is necessary to specify the title of the property by the attorneys.
    -Purchase: in Albania, the buying process is very simple and well-defined.
    -Payment fees: transaction costs for buying a property are very low.
    -Right: Foreigners should be assured to follow all the rules for obtaining visas and residence permits.

Foreign nationals can not buy and become owners of agricultural land, meadows, forests, pastures in Albania, they can rent for up to 99 years of such surfaces.
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